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Une vue aérienne du Motel.
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Le Motel

The Motel

Established since 1962
Establishment number 066290

Let us be straight with you because that’s our mantra, our philosophy, our ‘mission statement’. We offer a place were simplicity and authenticity reigns supreme. We know that one adventure awaits the next. So, sit back, refocus and recharge your all batteries (mental, physical and cellphone) in a comfortable, clean, riverside environment longing the Ashuapmushuan river in St-Félicien.

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Our Story

'If a little dreaming is dangerous, the cure for it is not to dream less but to dream more, to dream all the time.'

Marcel Proust

The Moreau family were very involved in the community of Saint-Félicien and the Lac-Saint-Jean. Active participants in the fields of tourism, accommodation, and the arts. Making Motel Moreau known to everyone in the region. A place where dreams are lived, and life is dreamed.

Les Chambres

The Rooms

Our greatest treasures are our stories and memories. They come to life in times of action but are shared in moments of stillness. Share your discoveries and exploits in the tranquility of your resting space. Count those ‘likes’ as you would count sheep while sailing off into dreamland.

Beachside Bicycling

Welcome cyclists!

Located on the véloroute des bleuets we bow down with admiration and respect to all those who partake in the cycling quest.


We offer the option of storing your bicycles in your room. Tools and air pump available for your servicing needs.

We understand that even heroes need to take a break sometimes.

Official partner of La Véloroute des Bleuets




You may be one of those who, when visiting, ask for the Wi-Fi code before even saying hello. Don't worry, we’re the same.


Body and hair soap dispenser in every room. Easy, breezy.

Cable TV


Whether it's to do a little channel 'zapping', or to watch the wins/loses of the Habs, we understand the love of trusted classic TV.

Shared Kitchenette

Shared kitchenette available to accompany you in your culinary missions. What could be more satisfying than being able to be in control of your food destiny? On site: microwave, toaster, coffee machine.


Open year-round and ready to take on the ups and downs of mother nature. We’re just wild that way.

Picnic Tables

Available in summer

Bring out your coolers and have a seat to enjoy while taking in the landscape. A wine/river view pairing goes quite well together (in our opinion).


You asked and we listened. For those living their #bestlife accompanied by their furry sidekick, we have 2 studios on the 2nd floor where pets are allowed. Please contact us to confirm availability.



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